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Benefits of Worksite Mentoring

When companies get involved in mentoring the benefits occur on four levels. Of course kids benefit. It is now well documented that mentees are less likely to start using drugs and alcohol; less likely to hit someone; demonstrate improved school attendance and performance; improved self-esteem; improved peer and family relationships; and so on. But, significant benefits are becoming obvious to employees, their companies and the community as well. One study showed that 75% of the employees who became mentors said that mentoring improved their attitude at work. 97% said that their volunteer programs improved employee teamwork, and 88% felt very satisfied working as a mentor.

In addition to the universal benefits of mentoring, the worksite model enhances the benefits of mentoring in the following ways:

Benefits to Employers

Leveraging donation dollars
  • Directing both a company's grant dollars and its employees' time and talent to the same causes can produce results far greater than either could do on their own.
A recruiting edge
  • Many companies find that a solid volunteerism program can be an important employee recruitment and retention tool
Community Involvement
  • Worksite Mentoring is a relatively inexpensive way to make a huge contribution to community
A Stable Commitment
  • Many worksite mentoring programs have become mainstays within the company. They often allow a company to maintain or even increase its commitment to the community even in lean economic times, when it might not be able to increase its charitable grant dollars. This is because of the leveraging of dollars with employee time, as well as the optional nature of many budget line items.
  • Programs foster team spirit and allow people to get to know their colleagues outside the workplace.
Develops Leadership
  • Volunteer opportunities encourage employees to take the lead.
Employee Growth / New skills
  • Employees are challenged to learn new skills that may help them in their careers. Employees who serve as mentors can develop supervisory skills and learn to work with young people.
Company morale
  • Programs help increase morale, as the company supports employees striving to make a difference in the lives of youth.

"Thank you Cristi, Rey, Juli and Tony for all your work behind the scenes to make this program possible and so very special. It is one of the things about working at HBO that means the most to me."
      - HBO Mentor

"I have learned the importance of being committed, persistent, and responsible, if I want to become successful, even though I still don't know what I want to major in."

          - HBO Mentee
Our Kids Are In Trouble
Today, there are more than 14 million youth under 18 who are "at risk".

They're Crying Out For Help
America's youth, desperate for guidance, are discovering mentoring.

Mentors Are The Answer
A small time committment can have a big impact on a kid's life.

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