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Thank you for your interest in being a mentor. Your commitment will have a great impact on a young personís life...and on yours!

Click here for our online mentor application.

To find mentoring opportunities in other parts of California, please visit the Governor's Mentoring Partnership. To find mentoring opportunities in other parts of the country, please visit the National Mentoring Partnership.

Community-Based Mentoring Opportunities

Youth Mentoring Connection has a 10-year history of delivering worksite- and community-based mentoring programs serving "at-risk" youth throughout Los Angeles. Our mentoring programs are relationship-based - through developing a trusting relationship with a caring, consistent adult, our youth are able to develop more trust and esteem in themselves.

How it Works

Our mentoring programs are each structured as a 9 month commitment with two scheduled monthly meetings, to provide support and build community for mentors and mentees.  One of the meetings each month is a Group Session, where all mentors and mentees in the program participate in fun, facilitated group activities to build community, life skills, and relationship skills.  The other meeting each month is a One-on-One, where each mentor-mentee pair goes off individually to participate in activities of their own choice (dinner, movie, ball game, etc.).

Current Mentoring Opportunities

We are seeking mentors for three upcoming mentoring programs. Each program is a 9 month mentoring commitment.

  • We are still seeking a few male mentors for our Childrenís Hospital Los Angeles(CHLA) Program. The program just began November 1st 2011 and serves at-risk youth ages 13-17. The program meets every other Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 pm in Northeast Los Angeles.

  • We are now taking mentor applications (of all genders!) for our Odyssey high school program, which will meet every other Wednesday night 5:30-8:00 pm beginning this January, near downtown L.A.

We encourage you to start the application process now to be a part of our community!

What do you need to mentor?

Staff provide extensive training and support to mentors - our goal is to be there for you so you can be there for our youth!  No special skills are required, just the desire to help a young person reach his or her full potential.  Mentors should be age 21 or over (but we may be able to work with you if you're between 18-21 - give us a call to talk more about it!), and should own or have regular access to a vehicle.  We ask that mentors be able to keep their commitment to their mentee through attending the scheduled group and one-on-one sessions, and making one phone or email contact in the off weeks.  We ask mentors to show up, role model participation, be genuine, and be themselves.  We conduct an interview, background check, and mentor training to ensure the safety of our youth, and to prepare mentors for what to expect.   From there - the rest of the magic happens on its own through the mentoring process!

To Learn More & To Apply

To find out more about mentoring with us, please email, or call us at 323-731-8080. If you're ready to apply, simply fill out our online application.  You can also download the application as a Microsoft Word document and return it by fax or email. Once we have received your completed application, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Mentors will also be asked to complete a 1-day training and a background check. (A TB test is also required for some programs.)

Other volunteer opportunities are available, whether your company would like to become a corporate partner, or you as an individual would like to volunteer in Fundraising, Recruitment, Administration, or another area.  You can also learn about joining our Leadership Board or Board of Directors.  Please contact us at for more information!











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